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Homo Naledi - Cave Storage vs Stor-Age

The discovery of Homo naledi in the underground Rising Star Cave in the Cradle of Humankind heritage site is a landmark for all South African's. Discovered by Steven Tucker and Rick Stevens while they were exploring the cave for recreational purposes. They found some bones and took some pictures to Professor Lee Berger, a paleoanthropologist at Wits University. The discovery is now national news but we think Homo naledi is taking the concept of self storage a little too far.

Homo naledi vs Stor-Age Self Storage

It has to be said that self storage is not the storage of one's self but rather storage of items on a do it yourself basis. We provide the space, you store your goods. In addition the average length of stay for a Stor-Age customer is about 18 months, clearly Homo naledi has taken this too far. There are a few other problems with the cave storage concept. We put together a quick list to help you choose your next storage facility.

Rising Star Cave Stor-Age Self Storage
Security None - to be fair it has taken quite some time for the cave to be discovered but once it has been anyone has access. You lock and you keep they key. With security cameras, electric fencing and access control, your valuables are in safe hands.
Cleanliness It's a bit dirty Take a look at our store tour video to see our stores. It's like a hotel for your stuff.
Packaging Unless you count wrapping your valuables in sand packaging, there is none to speak of. We stock a wide range of storage boxes and other packaging materials such as bubble wrap, tape, padlocks and other useful products.
Van hire N/A At selected stores you will get a van trip at no charge for each unit you rent! Even if your store is not one of the selected stores our rates are very competitive, just another convenience factor to the customer.
Location Only one, it's a fair walk, bring your hiking shoes and a torch. With 32 locations nationwide, there is a Stor-Age branch near you.
Service We tried calling, there was no answer. Give us a ring on 0861 18 18 18. Our friendly, helpful and professional trained self storage experts will be happy to assist.
Space Only one unit size available and it is currently occupied. Don't rent space you won't need. Check out our handy self storage space estimator to choose the unit size that suits you.

You may have guessed we have a 'bone to pick' with Homo naledi. Their storage may have been around a little longer but we believe we have a better product.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 September 2015 | News And Events