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Tips for hotdesking during COVID and Local Business Spotlight

Over the past year, many businesses have changed their way of working. One of the most notable developments is the decline in the number of large offices and the rise in coworking spaces and coffee shops suitable for hotdesking. 

This makes working a lot more flexible and convenient. Here are three easy tips to keep in mind when choosing a space. 

  • Assess your budget - this will impact the amount of space, location and amenities that you can afford
  • Visit the office beforehand - make sure that you’re happy with the COVID safety protocols and the office culture
  • Pack sanitiser and wear a mask, your safety is also your responsibility

What tips do you have to share? 

This week, we featured three businesses and organisations in our Local Business Spotlight that have adapted to the pandemic and continue to offer their expertise. Find out who we featured below. 

Ultralife Healthcare

On Monday we introduced Bonny Olivier and a few members of her team that provide modern solutions for those needing healthcare assisting products. 

From rotation beds that work as a luxurious homecare solution, high-pressure relief wheelchair cushions, shower chairs and more, Ultralife Healthcare offers a variety of products that help to meet a need. Find out more about what Ultralife Healthcare offers on their Instagram page and website

Maxi Race South Africa

Today's Local Business Spotlight shone the light on Maxi Race, an event that prides itself on being more than just a trail race. After originally launching in France in 2011, it has become a global event with a Maxi Race being hosted in six amazing countries around the world - including South Africa! 

Maxi Race South Africa offers an adventurous trail journey that showcases the stunning landscape of the Cape Winelands while pushing yourself to cover the distance of either 120km, 75km, 45km, 20km or 13km. Even better, the first 100 people to enter will get a 10% discount code, simply use the code ‘DW1ZNEN3HR’.

Find out more about Maxi Race South Africa and how to be involved on their Instagram page or website.

Each of these organisations has something in common, they use our Stor-Age business storage solutions. Our units are clean and secure, offered in a variety of units and rented with flexible lease agreements. Call us at 0861 18 18 18 to find out more about how our helpful team can assist. You can also get a quick and easy quote online.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 12 March 2021 | SME|Tips And Hints