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How Do I Make Sure My Goods Are Safe In Self Storage?

One of, if not the most important aspects for anyone to store their goods in self storage, is the knowledge that what is stored is safe. It is one of the top questions asked by our customers, "What security measures do you have?" While various self storage facilities may offer differing security features, there are a number of key elements to look for that will help you decide which self storage facility is best for you.

When visiting a self storage facility and you want to assess the on-site security there are a few things you should look for to let you know if this is the place you want to store your valuables. Starting with the entrance, how do you get access to the facility? Is there a sign-in or access tag entry point? Does anyone greet you at the gate? If you can simply drive in without identifying yourself this can be a serious security risk. Note that being able to walk into a facility is very different to driving in. A place of business should be easy to access but not perhaps with self storage, you should not be able to access with your vehicle. It would be very difficult to walk out with a fridge rather than drive out with it!

Self storage safety and security

Another tell tale sign of security is on-site cleanliness. A self storage facility that is well looked after in terms of weeds, garbage and maintenance, is far more likely to look after security than one that is in a state of disrepair. How can you trust them to look after your goods when they can't even look after their own? When visiting the store take a look at the paving and roads for signs of weeds. Are the doors clean? Are the gutters in working order? If you spot a few things that are not taken care of then perhaps it is better to visit another self storage facility before you make your decision.

Lastly ask the manager what security measures are in place. This should be well versed and they should be able to give you a number of reasons why their store is safe. At Stor-Age there are a number of security measures, including: Access control entry, electric fencing, perimeter beams, fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems. Read through our self storage security page for more information.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 23 November 2015 | Tips And Hints