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How to Find the Right Self Storage Service

There are many self storage providers in South Africa, so finding the right one can be quite a daunting task. You need to find a self storage service that is right for your needs and your budget, so we have come up with a simple checklist that should help you identify a company that is just right for you. By doing a little research and spending a bit of time, you can be sure of finding the very best deal for you. Don’t delay any longer in getting your self storage needs sorted!

Make sure it is close by
Convenience is the watchword when it comes to self storage. You wouldn’t dream of storing your items hundreds of miles away, so why go through all the inconvenience of having a self storage unit that is too far away to access? Look around your local area for local providers of self storage. Perhaps the closest one isn’t the right one, but you don’t want to be travelling hours and hours just to have access to your goods. Shop around and find a local supplier that is close by and has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Take a look at companies’ various opening and closing times, both during the day and the days and weeks of the year. If you require round the clock access to your storage unit, shop around to find a supplier who can provide it. There is little point in having a unit which you can’t access when you need it the most. Most good quality self storage firms are open around the clock and so can give you access when you need it the most.  Avoid companies that will leave you locked out of your storage unit and look for a store with guaranteed flexibility.

Stor-Age Sea Point self storage hallway

Some self storage companies may seem like they are offering a good deal but hide many hidden extra charges in the small print. Always read very carefully the terms and conditions of rental to avoid any nasty surprises. A good company will always be upfront with how much they are charging and won’t tie you into any lengthy contracts or charge you hidden fees. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true and shop around to find out if there are any better deals on offer. By doing your research at this stage, you can be sure of finding the very best deal.

The size of your unit is very important as you don’t want to be paying for time and space that you simply will not need. Work out the size of the items that you wish to store and pick your self storage unit accordingly. Good companies will offer a wide variety of storage spaces so that no matter what your storage needs, you will be able to find a unit that suits your needs. Why pay extra for space that you simply will not use?

Of course, security is a huge factor to consider when renting out a secure self storage unit. Many people are worried about security, and quite rightly. As leaving your possessions in the care of someone else is such a big step, ensure that the provider you choose to go with has all the very best security measures in place. This means being assured of constant supervision through CCTV, having excellent secure doors and locks as well as vigilant guards. It doesn’t matter whether you are storing your old clothes or a new car in the facility, the company should do all it can to protect your goods.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 20 September 2013 | Tips And Hints