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How To Identify A Messy Person - Pt1

Studies show that having a clean home or work space is more relaxing, we just think it looks better and can help you find something when you need it. How do you know if you are one of the 'messy' people and are in need of a quick declutter solution? Check out these top five signs that you are out of control and as a bonus we share the top five hacks to help you clean up the clutter. Do you identify with one of these...

1. Your room floor is an extension of your closet
If you pick up the closest item of clothing and your first two thoughts are, "Did I wear this yesterday?" and "Does it smell?" then you have been identified. All though it can be argued having a larger area to view your clothing leads to quicker selection, the reality is this is very rarely the case.

2. You have 'that' kitchen drawer
Old batteries, humorous bottle openers, charging chords for items you no longer own, pens with no ink, instructions on your third last microwave and a CD cleaning kit. Sound familiar? This is a sure sign that a clean-up is in order. That kitchen drawer can be emptied and put to good use.

3. Your garage is off limits
When you moved in this is where the car slept. Then it became temporary storage for exercising equipment. Now it is a place that must be avoided because one, you can't get in anymore and two, you could be in danger of having to clean it out! Time to get the car back in the garage and the stuff in storage or out completely!

4. The spare room is not spare

Plans of having a games room, baby room, man cave, extra work station or even a library have ended long ago. This is now the room of, "I don't know where to put it so I will leave it here until I decide." The truth is that this room can be used in many wonderful ways and not just as storage space for things you don't need or are not using.

5. You collect magazines, bills, birthday cards, etc.
One of the most useless collections of items in the history of humankind! Have you really read all of the old magazines you have again? We're not talking about the ones in arm's length from the toilet! What are you doing with the old bills? Trust us, your kids will not be impressed with your bond costs. A pile of paper stuffed into a drawer or cupboard space lets you know... I am a messy person.

So, how do we work around this and what are some top hacks to get your space back? Stay tuned to our blog next week for the Top Five Ways To Hack Your Space Back.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 01 April 2016 | Tips And Hints