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How to optimise your office for hot-desking

Office environments change all the time. From isolated cubicles to collaborative open-floor office layouts, your working environment should consistently change to meet the needs of your team. And in today's business world, hot-desking is becoming increasingly popular. If you're ready to move with the times, we show you how to optimise your office for hot-desking.  


What is hot-desking?  

Good question. Hot-desking means that staff can use any available desk on a first-come, first-served basis rather than each member having a permanent desk. This style has become increasingly popular as more and more companies implement a permanent hybrid work routine.  


Below, we discuss how to optimise your office for hot-desking. 


Hot-desking is a great way to switch up the office layout and even incorporate a lounge or collaborative meeting nook. Before that happens, it is best to declutter the office and remove all excess items, marketing props, and furniture to give your team more space to function.  

Establish a schedule 

If you have a fast-growing team and not enough permanent desks, hot-desking is a cost-effective solution. However, you must establish an in-office schedule to ensure there are always enough desks for specific teams/ team members on their designated office days. 

Consider advanced booking 

A downside of hot-desking is that you may not be able to secure enough seats when working on a team project. Allow your staff to reserve or book a set of desks in advance if necessary. You may want to remind staff that they cannot permanently reserve a desk just because it’s their favourite.  

Embrace technology 

Apps like Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams make remote working a breeze. Thanks to technology, physically being in the office is no longer a must, as your team can still connect and collaborate in real-time no matter where they are as long as you invest in the necessary technology. 

Create personalised storage 

Now that your staff no longer have a private desk to keep their everyday items, invest in small personal cubbies to store the items they don’t want to cart back and forth. This includes stationary, notebooks, an extra phone charger, headphones, and even the tiny hot water bottle they keep in the drawer for chilly days. 


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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 17 August 2022 | Tips And Hints