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How to store biltong

South Africa is famed for many things; the Springboks, spitbraais and of course, the great Nelson Mandela. Yet there are few things more South African than ripping open a brown paper bag and biting down on a thick slice of salty biltong. Whether the meticulously cured meat is a part of your daily diet or a rare road-trip treat, knowing how to properly store your biltong is key to keeping it fresh and flavourful. Here are five essential storage tips every biltong lover should know: 

1. Avoid direct sunlight and heat

Much like humans on a hot day, biltong can sweat. These hot and moist conditions create the perfect environment for bacteria to breed and your biltong to go bad. So, if you don’t want your precious biltong crawling with microorganisms, be sure to keep it out of the heat and direct sunlight. 

2. Store in a brown paper bag

A general rule of thumb for storing biltong is to always keep it in a paper bag and never in plastic. Paper gives biltong the space to breathe and dry naturally while plastic creates a hot, humid environment which can quickly turn the scrumptious snack sour and mouldy. 

3. Seal and shuffle 

If you have biltong in the house, then you know how difficult it is to resist sneaking a piece or two throughout the day. After digging into your stash, it's vital that you seal the bag properly. This not only ensures its freshness but that no creepy crawlies find their way in and turn your beloved biltong into a bug nursery. If your biltong is wet and thick, be sure to also give it a shuffle every now and then to avoid moisture from accumulating and mould growing. 

4. Keep in a cool, dry area

Although dried and cured, biltong is still fundamentally meat. Just like a tender fillet, your biltong needs to be kept in a cool, dry place to stay fresh. While some people store their biltong in a pantry cupboard, it can get a bit stuffy in summer and cause mould to grow. During these hotter months, clear a drawer in your fridge and use it to keep your biltong cool. 

5. Vacuum pack and freeze 

If you buy your biltong in bulk and need to store it for the long term, then opt for the freezer. To avoid freezer burns or your meat drying out, vacuum pack it before freezing. This process might change the texture slightly, but it’s the best way to store your biltong over a long period. Remember to write the date of storage on the bag and eat it before one year is up. 

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 31 August 2021 | Tips And Hints