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Idea - Get Your Dad A Man Cave For Father's Day

South African's will be celebrating Father's Day on the 21 June this year and what better way to spoil the old boy than giving him the man room he has always wanted? Many of us have garages full of odds and ends that we will use again "one day!" This Father's Day surprise him with a garage that is clean, empty and ready to be turned into the man cave he has been dreaming about since you moved in. The best way to move all of the unused (but not unwanted) items is to rent a self storage unit. Now you get to keep all the things you can't do without and your guy gets the play area his heart desires, it's an ideal win-win situation.

A new room open to anything the mind can create is surely a better gift than the chocolates and socks you were planning on buying the day before Father's Day. The possibilities are endless, from a games room to a workshop or even a sports bar, your dad will be sure to appreciate his own little corner of the world this Father's Day. Need a hand getting the ball rolling, how about this offer of your first month at only R1? Making dad happy couldn't be easier, don't forget to check out our packaging options too to make sure that you have all you need to get the garage clean.

Father's Day with Stor-Age Self Storage

Does your dad already have his own man cave? Here are some other great Father's Day gifts you can get him.

- Chore jar
Get an empty jar and fill it with notes for all the things you could do for your dad, like make a sandwich, lots of hugs, take out the trash, watch sports, etc.

- A man box
Fill a shoebox with all the favourite things your dad likes, such as chocolates, razor, drinks and even the TV remote!

- Love
What your dad always wants on Father's Day is to know that you love him. Spend some time doing his favourite things, watch his favourite movie, go fishing or have good meal.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 05 June 2015 | Tips And Hints