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If You Said "One day" Then It Is Time to Clean Up Your Act

One of the best ways to be able to relax at home is to make sure there is no clutter and the house is clean. We may not be able to help you with the clean part but getting rid of some of the things in your house that you just don't need should help you with the clutter part. Here are five things in your home that you should consider moving out, especially if you can say, "One day I will use/fix/fit (insert item here)."

1. Broken shoes
We took a survey of the ladies in our office and it turns out a number of them have pairs of broken shoes in their cupboards. Why you ask? "In the hopes we can get it repaired one day." This was the general answer and the keywords there are, " day." Usually that day never comes and as a result the cupboard is full of duplicate pairs of shoes, half of which can be worn. Time to move them out sister!

Broken shoe- - put it in storage

2. Old clothes
"I will fit into those pants one day." Here is a great rule of thumb for your clothes cupboard. Any new item that is added means that one old item has to leave. In with the new and out with the old. This is a tough and often difficult stance to take but the truth is you are only missing out on having a cool fancy dress outfit for your kids one day. Instead of throwing them away consider giving them to someone who needs them or donate them to a charity.

3. Gym equipment
Thinking you are going to have the body of a weightlifting supermodel and actually getting the body of a weightlifting supermodel are two very different prospects. Similar to buying the TV advert gym equipment and actually using the TV advert gym equipment. The truth is this is a very expensive clothes hanger (see point two above) that you can easily store at one of the many Stor-Age self storage units nationwide. Turning your self storage unit into your personal gym means more space at home and a place to work out... get cracking.

4. Camping stuff
Should something that you use possibly twice a year take up space in your home for the other 363 days of the year? We don't think so either and that's why a self storage unit is a great solution for camping gear. You keep the space in your home and we will keep your stuff in our units. You can fetch it whenever you need it and use the space you save at home for something you will use, not extra gym equipment (see point three above).

5. Kids toys
Your mom: "I am keeping this stuff so I can give it to you one day."
You: "I don't want it, that's why it's at your house and not mine, because I don't want it!"
Is your house or your parents house full of childhood memories, like the old Nintendo, drawings, paintings, school blazer, soft toys and your favourite blanket? Why do we keep this stuff? It's sentimental, we are not suggesting you throw it away, rather store it and use the space in your home for the things you do need, or just get some space in your life.

To take a look at the unit size that will fit your needs try out our handy self storage space estimator.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 01 August 2014 | Tips And Hints