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Important Self Storage Tips For Antiques And Arts

If you're lucky enough to own some valuable (or maybe just sentimental) antiques and pieces of art, then storage is something you've probably thought about. After all, improper storage can result in these items becoming destroyed, which means losing their value and overall appearance. Fortunately there are a lot of self storage tips you can use that will make it a lot easier to keep your beloved belongings safe, sound and looking great for a lifetime to come.

Tip 1: Renting a Storage Unit

Let's face it, sometimes our homes aren't optimal locations for storing valuable belongings. After all, just one run-in with your child and that antique vase could mean it being gone forever. So, instead of risking having these items in your home or even garage, why not use a storage unit like this one in Canberra? These are independent from your home, but are still easy to get to. They are locked with your own lock and can be temperature controlled, so you won't have to worry about people or weather elements getting inside. Just make sure you use the rest of the tips below to ensure your items are stored properly inside of that unit.

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Tip 2: Bubble Wrap and Cloth

These two items are going to be your best friends when you wrap up your antiques and art. Even furniture should be covered in a layer of this so you can make sure it doesn't rub against something else or get hit on a sharp edge. Tape down the protective cover that you use, and make sure that you use two or three layers, depending on the delicacy of the item.

- If you plan on using something like tissue paper or even newspaper, then make sure it doesn't have chemicals on it. Even certain oils can seep into your antiques and art, which will end up ruining them as they sit around.

- Use glassine paper for any fine art, as this will resist damage from the air, water and other elements that you may not be able to control.

- For more info on packaging materials click here.

Tip 3: Space Saving

If you really want to save space, then take apart any furniture that can safely be dis-assembled. Wrap every single piece in the cloth or bubble wrap, and place them in their own areas so they don't bump up on each other.

- Although this is a great way to save space, do NOT stack any of the pieces on top of each other. Even though this might seem like it's safe right now, it could end up ruining the pieces later on. Don't take any chances and give everything free space so chances of damage are greatly reduced.

Tip 4: Prepare

If you have anything made of metal or certain types of wood, then it's recommended to wipe it down with oil. You can get information about the type of oil to use by contacting your local antique dealer and asking their suggestions.

Tip 5: Call in a Professional

When in doubt, call in a professional packager to do the work for you. They will know what to do with each piece individually so your items will stay safe and sound no matter where they are stored.

Guest post from: Maya Savanovich

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 17 February 2014 | Tips And Hints