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In Pretoria You Are Never More Than 10 Minutes From Stor-Age

Did you know that in theory if you live in Pretoria it should take you only ten minutes to get to your nearest Stor-Age Self Storage Facility? Don't believe us? Check the Google map listing for Stor-Age stores in Pretoria. This means you can conveniently store all the extras in your life in a self storage unit as an extension of your home.

Here is the math for how we worked out your travel time. All though not an exact science we had to do it somehow. Do you have a better suggestion? Let us know in the comments section.

Stor-Age Centurion (Samrand)

1. We chose the two stores furthest from each other North to South. That is Stor-Age Zandfontein and Stor-Age Centurion. The Google map directions notes the distance is 31.3km

2. We chose the two stores furthest from each other East to West. That is Stor-Age Grootfontein and Stor-Age Mnandi. The Google map directions notes the distance is 39.4km

3. To get the area we multiplied the two above distances to get the Pretoria coverage at 1,209 square kilometres.

Stor-Age Self Storage in Pretoria

4. There are currently nine self storage stores in Pretoria with Stor-Age Brooklyn and Stor-Age Six Fountains set to open in August of this year. That makes 11 self storage stores in the Pretoria region, meaning that in theory there is one Stor-Age store for every 110 square kilometres in Pretoria.

5. 110 square kilometres is an area that is 11 kilometres by 10 kilometre, Thus you are never more than 11 kilometres from your nearest Stor-Age store and that should take you about 10 minutes to drive.

Here is a list of the currently operating self storage stores in Pretoria.

Check out our handy space estimator to select the unit size that suits you best.

Stor-Age Self Storage Space Estimator

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 July 2014 | News And Events