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Inside RoboVault, Storage For The Rich And Famous

Ever wondered where the rich and famous store their valuables? How about inside a " 5-story structure engineered to withstand category 5 level hurricane winds of up to 200 mph." If you really value your possessions then this is the place to store them. So what other features does this storage facility boast, you may be as surprised as we were to hear.

Among the other features of this secure storage building is having the entire facility temperature and humidity controlled, segregated storage sections based on what you are storing (cars, art or wine), private viewing rooms, biometric fingerprint access readers, a secure vault within a vault room using one-time-use keys, an HVAC system with pollutant detectors, motion detector lighting, full backup generators, 50% more fire sprinklers than required by code, security motion sensors, heat detectors and CCTV! This is the Fort Knox of self storage.

To top it off they also have an automated robotic handler to store vehicles. Take a look at this video by CBS Miami for an exclusive look at the inside of RoboVault.

Why build such a storage facility? Here is what RoboVault has to say, "We exist to provide each individual client with the highest level of protection for their most treasured tangible assets. Our objective is to be recognized as the leader in our industry through unparalleled security, museum quality services, discretion and impeccable standards of care for the most discriminating clients. Our success is predicated upon meeting the unique needs of every client, at every point of service, every time. There can simply be no compromise."

RoboVault storage facility

This self storage facility doesn't just stop with storage of your valuables, they also offer boutique services such as packing and crating, installation and sculpture rigging, shipping, museum quality storage, expert fine art handlers and an air-ride transport vehicle with an on-board refrigeration system. RoboVault truly provides everything the rich and famous could want in a storage facility.

According the CBS Miami report, the most secure section of the building is the vaults. "“We like to call it a vault within a vault because it’s a safety deposit vault that is within a Category 5 rated facility.” McGregor explained. It takes four layers of security, which Sutta saw, just to get into the vault. Once you’re in, you get a onetime use key. “The key is programmed to open your vault.  So if you put it in the wrong safety deposit box it won’t work,” she explained. Standing in the room with, well, who knows what, you have to wonder. This is the stuff bank robber movies are made of."

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 19 February 2016 | Take A Break