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Interior design company uses self storage to improve productivity

As interior design companies are often in need of additional space, an increasing number of them turn to self storage to help with the running of their businesses and their growth.

One such example is DFF Kitchens Designs Interiors (KDI), a company based in Johannesburg which designs and assembles a variety of installations. Owner Dean Oosthuizen rents a unit at Stor-Age Constantia Kloof, and we spoke to him to find out more about the business and how self storage has helped it grow.

DFF Kitchens Designs Interiors

A unique interior design company with 15 years’ experience that specialises in building kitchens, bedroom cupboards, bars and vanities, DFF-KDI pays a lot of attention to detail which translates directly into their spaces.

DFF-KDI is a family-run business, with Dean and his wife involved in daily operations of the company. Their aim is to achieve and ensure a fast, friendly and affordable service with maximum client satisfaction.

Over the years, one of Dean’s ongoing highlights has been how he has been able to build cupboards the way that he wants to. “Our cabinetry is built to exact standards using only the highest quality in every aspect without overcharging,” he says. As such they have built up an impressive list of clients.

As with any growing business, one of the biggest challenges that DFF-KDI has faced was space, but they fixed this problem easily by renting a self storage unit at Stor-Age Constantia Kloof. Flexible space has allowed them to grow as they need to, without having to sign long-term leases.

The benefits of business self storage

Convenience and accessibility, coupled with security, are the most important features of self storage for Dean. “We enjoy the benefits of convenience and accessibility, as our self storage unit at Stor-Age is easily accessible and close to home.” Dean can also scale up or down as he needs to.

At Stor-Age, we provide state-of-the-art security with individually alarmed* units which are monitored by CCTV. “The security is a big plus for us. This means we free up our assembling space while keeping our products safe and secure,” Dean says.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 28 August 2019 | SME