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Stor-Age Partners With It's Your Turn

For two years we have been providing storage space for an organisation called It’s Your Turn. The work they do is extremely worthwhile and you can play a part just as we play ours. Have a look at what they have to say.

It’s Your Turn is an organisation that recycles the decadence of our society. We move the extras from the one end of the scale to the needy on the other.

When it comes to distributing the extra clothes to those in need, there is always a transition period after collection. It’s all about logistics and moving from one place to another, and then to another. This is perhaps the stumbling block with regards to many good intentions of doing something worthwhile with your old clothes, and actually getting out and facilitating it.

That’s where It’s Your Turn comes to the party. We facilitate the admin of, first collecting the pretty dresses and extra clothes from you, and then getting them to the little girls in the township – young women that are so grateful to have an opportunity to own there own dance dress.

In this process, there is a huge consideration to take into account. That is the transitional storage conundrum. How incredibly fortunate for It’s Your Turn that Stor-Age Self Storage have not even batted an eyelid in realising that there generosity can go such a long way to help in such a worthwhile concern.

Dance dresses, after all, need a place to hang and remain in a readied state for their next job of looking pretty once more after being out of use, while being stored away until you decided to donate them to a worthy cause. Now they get to hang out in the Stor-Age unit that is at our disposal. We stock up and then get them to the township. As word of mouth permeates through the community, word sometimes gets to us that a specific girl needs a dress and then they or a representative pay a visit to the unit to choose a dress.

The dress is sold at just R100 so the girls get to own their choice and the money is used to buy a pair of school shoes or a school uniform. It’s what we have called a ‘win-win situation’. You like the sound of that? Feel most welcome to use it in conversation.

If you have extra dresses or in fact any spare clothes you don’t need any longer (those Country Road sales are very good at clogging up space in your wardrobe), we will collect close to the city, or drop them off at your nearest Stor-Age facility in Cape Town. The clothes will go to those that will really appreciate it for a very small fee. That money is used for school uniforms and shoes.

Contact:  twitter: @itsyourturnSA

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 09 March 2012 | Charity