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Jail For Self Storage

Stor-Age has bought a number of existing self storage facilities and re-branded them under the Stor-Age banner. We spotted a facility that would be perfect for a self storage conversion, as it already has secure units, the Philippolis Old Jail!

At the moment the jail has been re-purposed as a hotel of sorts with rooms that are 2m x 3m (7' x 10'). Guests can lock themselves into virtually sound proof rooms and open for themselves in the morning. This is also similar to self storage where tenants lock and keep the key. Of course you can't stay in a self storage unit but that has not stopped people from trying. We have had a few people try to stay overnight at some of our self storage stores but we have had to politely ask them to leave.

Philippolis Jail as self storage

One of the major selling points of self storage is the security of your stored items. Obviously in a jail this is of paramount importance and we doubt whether any self storage facility would boast the security features of a jail. The outer walls are 60cm thick and the inner walls are 45cm. With all the gates, fences and high walls we doubt anyone would be even think about breaking into your self storage unit.

We are sure there would be ample room to create a retail packaging store for the sale of boxes, bubble wrap, etc. but what about the use of internet and pay points? Well apparently, “There is good cellphone reception in jail.” We are not sure why or if this is a good thing for a jail but it is certainly good if you wanted to convert the jail to self storage and make use of customer business centre computers with internet access like our other stores have.

Perhaps the only downside in converting a jail to self storage is the fact that they are usually built too far away from the major routes and thus drive-by visibility for potential customers is negated. Anyone who owns a self storage store will tell you that a great location is a huge positive as customers will make use of your product when they need it if you are top of mind.

What do you think? Would you store your valuables in a converted jail?

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 July 2013 | Take A Break