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Jan's Storage vs Stor-Age Self Storage

Not all self storage is equal, at Stor-Age putting your stuff into space makes us tick, it’s what we do. So we compiled a checklist to use when you are searching for your self storage solution.

1. Size
Stor-Age Self Storage Jan's Storage
Offers a range of unit sizes so you only pay for the space you need. Typically a single garage size unit can hold the contents of a 3-4 bedroom home. If you are paying for more space you don’t need you are wasting money. Only has garage size spaces available or at best a half size unit.
2. Cleanliness
Stor-Age Self Storage Jan's Storage
A well-kept, clean and neat looking self storage store shows that the manager cares about their property. Keep an eye for a neat garden and paving free of weeds. A clean store shows they are looking after their property and care about what you think.  If they don’t care about their own property they are not going to care much about yours. Weeds in the paving, dirty or broken doors will show the property is not being maintained. 

3. Quality
Stor-Age Self Storage Jan's Storage
Secure self storage units without damage and walls that are well maintained and clean is something you must insist on. Check to ensure the unit can be properly secured but also allows for some ventilation inside. Ventilation guards against the build-up of mould. Examine the walls of the unit for any old water stains, this may indicate a leak and an undesirable self storage unit.  Old shipping containers are not self storage units and often have leaks. If they were still usable they would be used. Check to ensure your unit is leak free and the door operates easily. 

4. Packaging
Stor-Age Self Storage Jan's Storage
Stor-Age offers a variety of self storage packaging to make your storage experience more convenient. Your self storage store should offer the bare minimum of boxes, padlocks, mattress covers and bubble wrap. May offer a padlock but no other packaging materials. 

Stor-Age poster wanna box

5. Transport
Stor-Age Self Storage Jan's Storage
A free van and driver* is provided by Stor-Age with your first move-in. We know how difficult and expensive it is to arrange a move so we have provided this service to our clients free of charge, a first in South Africa. We can also recommend our preferred suppliers and removals companies to assist you with larger moves.  May know a guy with a bakkie at best or tell you this is your problem, we are called SELF storage. 

6. Location
Stor-Age Self Storage Jan's Storage
If the store is more than 10km from you then you are highly unlikely to want to visit your self storage unit to get any item in a rush. You should be able to identify a self storage store close to you that you would be happy to visit at night. May be located in an industrial area far from residential homes. 

7. Security
Stor-Age Self Storage Jan's Storage
Stor-Age provides each customer with a unique entry tag for access to the facility. The entry and exit times are electronically recorded for future reference. The stores also have CCTV cameras, electric fencing and personnel on duty. When walking around your potential self storage store keep a look out for adequately placed fire extinguishers and check to see they have been recently serviced. Little to no access control, some fire extinguishers missing, CCTV cameras not present or pointing in the wrong direction. 

8. Access
Stor-Age Self Storage Jan's Storage
At Stor-Age each store is unique and access times will vary depending on where you store. You should be able to access your goods when you choose to and this should be free of charge.  A Warehouse is not self storage and often these premises require booking access ahead of schedule and may also include a charge for access to your own goods. 

If you are looking for self storage then Stor-Age has the solution. As the leading self storage brand in South Africa we aim to have a self storage store close to you soon. Visit our locations pages to view the store closest to you or give us a call on 0861 18 18 18.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 February 2013 | Tips And Hints