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Kitchen cleaning hacks you need to know

Does the sight of a freshly cleaned kitchen absolutely make your day? If you’re ready to make your snack station sparkle and see your gorgeous reflection in a squeaky-clean sink, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we break down some of the top kitchen cleaning hacks you need to know. 

Cotton balls in the bin  

Quality bin bags are not cheap, and nothing is worse than tossing a half-empty bag purely because of the smell. Next time, soak one or two cotton balls in your favourite essential oil and drop them in the bin before inserting a new bag to fight odours until the bag is full.  

Use flour for stainless steel  

There are many ways to make your stainless-steel sink shine like new. But what if we told you the secret is sitting pretty in your pantry? Start by washing and drying the sink, sprinkle a generous layer of flour (yes, flour!) and get buffing. It’s astounding how bright and shiny the metal will become.  

Spray & Cook is multi-purpose  

Along with keeping eggs from sticking to the pan, Spray & Cook is great for making taps shine as if they were freshly installed. You can also use it to remove soap and grime from the kitchen sink or any glass surfaces you may have in your kitchen.    

A DIY pot scrubber  

If you’re tired of constantly replacing steel scourers, here’s how you can make your own. Don’t throw away the mesh packaging that comes with store-bought lemons. Instead, put a sponge inside the mesh and close it with a cable tie. You now have a recycled pot scrubber, and it didn’t cost you a cent!    

Put vinegar in your dishwasher  

Dishwashers are great for sparkling clean dishes, but if your area is prone to hard water that is high in minerals, consider adding vinegar to your wash cycle. Place a small bowl of vinegar right side up in your dishwasher. When the wash cycle is complete, you’ll see that the vinegar helped combat the hard water while keeping your dishes pristine.  

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 21 September 2022 | Tips And Hints