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Lights, camera, action... medic! Behind the scenes with Taurus Medical

When you think about the film industry, what comes to mind? Film sets are considered exciting places filled with glamour and opportunity. But behind every camera, there are those with a more difficult job. This is especially true when you consider the medical teams who jump into action, whether dealing with a major stunt gone wrong or bandaging minor scrapes and bruises. 
Today, we launch the latest rendition of our Local Business Spotlight campaign in true documentary style! In this week's instalment, we meet the Director of Taurus Medical, Justin Witbooi and his team.  

Here is the start of their interesting story. 

While working on a typical film shoot, Justin came up with the idea to start a private ambulance service after noticing how great the need for a proactive safety team in the film industry actually was. And still is!  

“In 2010, while working on a shoot, I really felt like we could be doing better than just having one medic with a bag per set. So, I began my journey with just me and my trusty orange box.” 

Film people work long hours, sometimes in very austere environments, Justin notes. “You can be filming on a farm in the middle of nowhere and still need allergy medication at some point.” What makes Taurus Medical stand out is their ability to provide a turnkey solution to any and all problems that may suddenly arise on set. From a broken arm after a stunt gone wrong to a simple sinus issue during allergy season, the Taurus team are prepared for anything.    

“One day they could be blowing up a car and the next you’re sitting in studio watching your tea bag drip. Our clients’ needs are very different, but we are adaptable, and ensure we are able to change at a moment’s notice.” 

Since their launch in 2010, Taurus Medical has grown from a one-man show to an expert team providing advanced life support services. They offer a response car, two ambulances, four advanced support paramedics, an ICU nurse, two doctors and 36 ADHOC staff. 

“Our team is our biggest asset. We are a family unit, and that’s what sells our business.”   

Keep an eye on our social media platforms throughout the month as we continue to go behind the scenes with Justin and the Taurus Medical team.  


Planning your next blockbuster? You can connect with Taurus Medical on their website or on Facebook 

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 03 October 2022 | SME