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This week’s Local Business Spotlight showcases three inspirational businesses

It’s been encouraging to see how businesses have adapted over the past few months. Many traditional businesses have moved online, some have started new divisions and others have adopted a more flexible working environment. 

In our Local Business Spotlight this week, we shone the light on three innovative businesses that are shining examples of how to adapt to change. Read more about a performance-boosting business, a leading agtech company and a dynamic digital team below.

Uwin Iwin

It’s been a tough year and we could all do with an extra dose of motivation. That’s exactly what the Uwin Iwin team does, by offering corporate incentives to help unleash human potential. Monday’s Local Business Spotlight focused on Uwin Iwin and their unusual ways of boosting your staff performance. 

In the picture, Group CEO David Sand is pictured hanging out with a Silverback Gorilla in Rwanda, making sure that their experiences are top-notch and tried and tested! Visit Uwin Iwin’s Instagram page and website to see the range of experiences they offer. 

BNRY Digital

BNRY Digital describe themselves as the 'secret weapon of ambitious companies' but what’s their secret weapon? 

The BNRY Digital team are dynamic and talented, striking the balance between producing creative technology solutions from behind their desktops and making sure that as a team they are fired up and in sync, which they do by connecting together in the outdoors. Find out more about Wednesday’s Local Business Spotlight on their Instagram page or visit their website.


Not all superheroes wear capes! The team at Syngenta, a leading science-based agtech company, offer their innovative resources to help farmers and fight climate change. 

Friday's Local Business Spotlight highlights the amazing work that Syngenta are doing to contribute towards sustainability. Follow their journey in securing better food for the future on their Instagram profile or visit their website.

Our business storage solutions are perfect for any business that needs space, whether that is to store stock that is cluttering up your home or office, or if you are looking to grow but need to keep costs to a minimum.  

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 20 November 2020 | SME