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Location, Location, Location Even Self Storage Must Listen

What do these three statements have in common?

  • You need to pop into the shop and collect a few items before you go home.
  • You car needs a quick fill-up before work tomorrow.
  • You need to draw some cash.

The answer... you choose the closest location to you to get what you want. It's convenient, it saves you time and makes sense.

This is exactly how self storage works. You may not need the tennis racquets you put into your storage unit now but when you do, you know they are not too far away. Location, just like buying or renting property, is a deal-maker when it comes to self storage. Nobody wants to drive too far into, potentially unsafe, industrial areas. It would be far better to have a storage facility on your doorstep, an extension of your home, rather than a forgotten storage unit somewhere far off.

That is why you should take a look at some of the locations that Stor-Age offers. The first South African self storage company to offer storage in all six of the major cities. There are currently 25 operating stores with plans to take this up to 33 before the end of 2014. The modern, purpose-built facilities are situated in easily accessible and convenient locations. The idea is that you can use the extra storage space as an extension of your home, not as a dump and forget facility.

The benefit of having well located , highly visible self storage facilities is that you will know where to go when the time comes for you to make use of some extra storage space. Whether you are moving, renovating, getting married, having a baby or just clearing out some clutter from the garage, Stor-Age has a space near you.

Visit out home page and check out the locations tab to find your nearest self storage store.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 10 March 2014 | News And Events