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Lost Your Key To Your Self Storage Unit? Peter Grant Has The Solution

If you have ever lost a key you are certainly not alone. Usually it means finding the spare or calling on a family member that has the same key. But what do you do if the keys you lost are for your self storage unit and all you own is locked securely away? We deal with this situation on a daily basis and we are often required to cut the lock off the unit for our customers. Naturally we need to confirm you are the owner before we go ahead.

Peter Grant visits Stor-Age Self Storage

One of our staff had just this situation when Peter Grant visited his storage unit and forgot the keys. "Peter Grant walked in with a lock cut request as he forgot his keys in Stellenbosch. I was more than happy to assist him. He asked if I needed some help to cut the padlock (undermining my strength!) I proudly said, no thanks, it’s fine… I can manage. He had a huge smile after my third attempt to snap the lock using ALL my strength… (Proud moment)." A big thank you to Peter for being so gracious while waiting to break the lock.

Peter recently completed his 100th Super Rugby cap when he started the game against the Western Force at Newlands. "Grant made his debut at this level in the opening round in 2006, on February 11, against the Lions (then still called the Cats) in Johannesburg. He is eighth on the list of all-time Super Rugby points scorers, with 852 points, and the second South African behind Morné Steyn (1 431 points)." - News24

To avoid a sticky situation in losing your keys, try our Word Padlock. This unique padlock is locked using a word. You can choose the word and reset it, never lose your keys again. Another benefit is that you can send a friend or family member through to your self storage unit without needing to collect the key. Now there is no need to add another key to your collection. You can view our padlocks for self storage here.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 23 May 2014 | Tips And Hints