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How Louw Bros Plumbing turned their pipe dream into a reality

While most people don’t like to get their hands dirty, brothers Hunter and Bronson Louw love nothing more. So it comes as no surprise that the duo stumbled into one of the dirtiest careers out there – plumbing. After Hunter and Bronson completed their apprenticeship in 2017, they realised there was a gap in the liquid waste industry in Cape Town. Although only in their early twenties, the brothers decided to take a risk and start their own business in the trade, but with fierce competition everywhere, it wouldn’t be all smooth sailing.

When Hunter and Bronson first started Louw Bros Plumbing, they were but a team of two determined to become the best plumbing company on the West Coast. “We encountered many hiccups along the way including cash flow issues, finding the right team and other basic business fundamentals,” Hunter admits. Nonetheless, they pushed forward and soon enough their business began to take off. As their team grew, so did their expertise, and in 2019 the brothers expanded to include drainage services, as well as leak detection two years later. 

Today, the team of more than twenty specialists offer a range of services within the commercial, residential and marine sectors, including pipe installation, thermal imaging and geyser replacement. “What makes Louw Bros Plumbing special is our quality workmanship,” Hunter says. “Our team all have years of experience in the trade.” However, with clients all over the Cape, Hunter and his crew were in need of a safe and secure place to store their equipment after hours and between jobs. With its central locations and state-of-the-art security, Stor-Age was an easy choice for the team. “Stor-Age supplies us with safe storage for our equipment, which is easy to access, secure and convenient,” Hunter says.

Although Louw Bros Plumbing continues to develop at an exponential rate, Hunter and Bronson still find the time to focus on what matters most – the happiness of their customers and team. “Starting our own company has allowed my brother and me to grow as individuals while also having the privilege of watching our team and business grow,” Hunter says. To find out more about Louw Bros Plumbing, visit their website or check out their top tips to running a plumbing company over on our blog.  

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 21 May 2021 | SME