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Micro-warehousing vs traditional storage: What you need to know

At Stor-Age, we never rest on our laurels and consistently push for new ways to improve the lives of our customers. Welcome to the age of micro-warehousing! Created to assist our business clients, micro-warehousing is a secure and flexible warehouse that allows business owners to create a bespoke workspace to meet their unique needs.  


If you are a business owner on the lookout for a low-cost and secure alternative to costly office spaces and warehouse storage, micro-warehousing is your answer. Below, we look at the key differences between micro-warehousing and a traditional storage unit. 


Designed for work 

A traditional storage unit is a safe space to store belongings, but it is not built for active work. Micro-warehousing is a high-quality, fit-for-purpose product specifically created to allow business owners to comfortably work and grow their business in one affordable space. Thanks to available enhancements, including power points, lighting, connectivity, and additional fire prevention measures, you can work in total comfort day or night. 

Can be customised 

While Stor-Age’s traditional storage units are available in over 40 sizes, they are built to standard specifications designed to help you securely store your goods for later use. Micro-warehousing is designed for flexibility to be customisable to your unique business needs. From lighting and plug points to secure internet connectivity, you can create your ideal workspace.  

Best of both worlds 

Micro-warehousing boasts a convenient combination of storage and office space, ideal for e-commerce businesses and promising startups. You can comfortably set up your office equipment next to your inventory, allowing you to handle requests, print labels, pick, pack and dispatch all in one bespoke space! 

Extra onsite support 

A distinct benefit of micro-warehousing is that you can enjoy additional support from our onsite team members. If you’re on the road, our team will gladly accept deliveries on your behalf and even arrange for parcels to be collected by other courier companies from our store. Now that’s convenient! 


If your startup is expanding faster than you can keep up, consider the benefits of micro-warehousing. With enhancements created to meet your work requirements, you can work in total comfort and grow your business in one space while keeping costly over-heads down.  


For more information on micro-warehousing or to discuss your unique workspace requirements, please contact us on 0861 18 18 18 or give us your details below and we’ll handle the rest.  


*Please note that while Micro-warehousing is only currently available at our Sunninghill facility, it can be arranged at other facilities upon request. 

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 03 June 2022 | SME