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Moving Internationally – Moving Tips and Guidelines

So you’ve taken the big step to relocate to a new country, and you are planning your international move. Moving internationally can be a very overwhelming thought – and with good reason! Preparing to move your family and all your belongings across borders and overseas involves a bit more planning and preparation than moving to a new location within our South African borders.

Moving internationally needn’t be such a scary task if you plan your big move well in advance and stay as organised and prepared as possible. Whether you are moving to Australia, the USA or the United Kingdom, it takes efficient planning and allowing enough time for time consuming tasks. But where to start?

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Getting started with your international moving process
  • Get your personal documentation in order: Moving internationally requires valid passports, visa applications and work permits (which can take months for approval). Get the ball on the roll regarding your visa application, as this is a crucial part of your international move.
  • Finding a job: If you are not moving to a new country because of a new job opportunity, you will need to find a job in the city you would like to move to. Don’t leave your job searching for last or until you have relocated. Start doing research and contact employment placement companies in your new destination. You will save yourself a lot of worries if you have a job waiting for you on the other side.

Moving Tips – Things to remember when moving internationally
  • First things first – Decide what you should take with you and what should stay behind. Organising and packing up a home will take a few weeks - take this time to sort out your household goods. Avoid moving unnecessary stuff – sell it, or donate to charity.
  • If you are insuring your goods in transit, your goods will have to be packed by a moving company, as it needs to be packed professionally.  
  • Make your travel arrangements – this includes plane tickets and car hire for your trip.
  • Do your research. Find out about your new destination’s laws, tax requirements, and other essential information. Also look for schools, churches and other services you may require. Mobility companies can also help you with this information.
  • Don’t forget your pets! Find out what the necessary requirements are when traveling with pets such as compulsory vaccines and documentation. Your moving company will also be able to assist you with this service.
  • Don’t forget to close your accounts, utilities, memberships and subscriptions.

As you probably know by now, moving long distances, especially international moves, requires extensive planning, documentation and time. Fortunately, there are many International Moving Companies in South Africa that will assist with all you moving needs, guiding you through the move process. A reputable and experienced international company such as Movit Mobility, will take care of your moving requirements to ensure a smooth and hassle-free move across borders, even assisting with documentation and procedures.

We hope that you feel more at ease with starting your moving process – let the planning begin!

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 27 March 2015 | Tips And Hints