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Moving? Renovating? Tips And Hints For Your Boxes

Packing all your possessions into boxes for storage can be a strenuous activity and getting them back out even more so. Here are a few tips to make sure your packing goes smoothly.

  • Pack heavy items into smaller boxes. This will ensure that your boxes are not too heavy to move and your valuables don't fall out of the bottom. For example books should go into smaller boxes and you can pack your linen or seasonal clothes into larger boxes
  • Stack boxes of the same size together with the heaviest boxes at the bottom. By putting heavy items on top your boxes will bend and damage your goods

  • Mark each box by room, this will make it easier to identify what you want when you are unpacking your unit. You should label all four sides for easy identification. Another helpful tool is to create a basic map of how your self storage unit is packed so you can get to the box you want quickly
  • Don't leave any space in the box. If you are packing crockery then fill the spaces with foam chips or bubblewrap. This prevents movement and thus avoids breakages
  • Choose sturdy boxes of a uniform size. This will ensure your valuables are protected and allow you to stack them correctly. Click here to visit our packaging page for the boxes available to you

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 11 November 2010 |