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Moving Tips: How Can I Move My Fridge Without Damaging It?

Is it true that if I lay my fridge flat that it will be damaged? Consensus is yes... and no. Laying your fridge on its side should not cause much damage however there are a few things to consider. A key moving tip when transporting your fridge is that you shouldn't lay it on it's back. This is because most fridges have the coils on the back and bending or damaging this will cause performance issues later. Laying the fridge on the side can be done, but make sure that you don't turn the fridge on again for a while. It is best to let the fridge stand upright over night before turning it back on. This allows all the liquids and coolants in the fridge to settle again.

When moving a fridge the damage is often done to the coils on the back of the fridge or the compressor in the centre. The compressor is meant to be held in place by a number of springs and these springs are designed to hold the compressor upright. Movement while in transport can dislodge or damage these springs and that is not good for your fridge. Here are a few moving tips and hints for transporting your fridge and for keeping it in self storage.

Moving tips for transporting your fridge:
  1. Transport the fridge upright if you can
  2. If you cannot lay it on its side, not on its back
  3. Use some blankets to cover the outside to prevent scratching and denting caused by movement during transport

Storing your fridge:

  1. Empty the entire fridge and make sure you clean off any food, dirt
  2. Stand the fridge upright in your self storage unit, this saves space and ensures it is in the position it was intended to be
  3. Leave the door slightly open while it is in your self storage unit. This helps to air the fridge and prevents mould and mildew

Have you ever broken a fridge during transport or when taking it out of your self storage unit? Send us your dos and donts when it comes to moving tips.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 June 2012 | Tips And Hints