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Need Boxes?

Need boxes to help you pack while you are moving? There are so many scenarios where a few extra boxes, which are reliable and the same size are needed. You are about to move from your two bedroom flat into your first house. Your business has decided to move all of the old filing into storage to make use of the office space you rent. You have a guest coming to visit and the spare room is no longer the storage room. You have decided to park your car in your garage and the items in the garage in storage. The list can go on but in each case you will be looking for some boxes to make packing and moving a little bit easier.

Here are a three ways to pack that we don't recommend:
  • Use black bags instead of boxes, it's a lot cheaper. Yes this is cheaper, however the items in the bags will get damaged as the bags slump in storage and have heavier items pressing down on them. How do we know? We tried it.
  • Head to the back of your local grocery store and take their extra boxes. These boxes are often not a uniform size, the cardboard is damaged resulting in a box that is not sturdy enough when stacked and will bend causing damage to your stored items. in addition the boxes often have spilled food items on them which may encourage rodents to visit your storage unit.
  • Hunt for boxes in shopping centers, post offices, etc. There are many stores that sell boxes, however these are not intended for storage purposes and are often not double walled. This may lead to the box collapsing while in storage.

Feature we sell boxes

We stock a wide range of storage boxes and other packaging materials such as bubble wrap, tape, padlocks and other useful products. We've got everything you need for packing, moving and storing your goods, as well as to ensure you keep them safe and secure. Visit us to buy your storage boxes and packaging materials in-store. Our self storage team will be happy to advise you on the right purchase for your needs.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 13 October 2014 | Tips And Hints