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Nelson Mandela International Day

The Official Nelson Mandela Day website describes the event as, "Following the success of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebrations in London’s Hyde Park in June 2008, it was decided that there could be nothing more fitting than to celebrate Mr Mandela’s birthday each year with a day dedicated to his life’s work and that of his charitable organisations, and to ensure his legacy continues forever.

The Mandela Day campaign message is simple: Mr Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. All we are asking is that everyone gives 67 minutes of their time, whether it’s supporting your chosen charity or serving your local community.

Mandela Day is a call to action for individuals – for people everywhere – to take responsibility for changing the world into a better place, one small step at a time, just as Mr Mandela did."

Don't forget to support Mandela Day on Facebook and on the Twitter account. Mandela Day takes place this Wednesday 18 July and requires people to commit 67 minutes of their time to better communities in South Africa. Do you have any ideas of how Stor-Age can get involved in South African communities on this day?

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 16 July 2012 | Charity