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Newlywed Checklist - Get A Self Storage Man Cave

Your dream day is finally over, honeymoon finished, you are in your new home starting your new life. Time for a reality check, how do you start living as a married couple? Here are a few tips and hints for newlyweds.

1. You may be wondering what to do with your wedding dress. If it is still hanging in your cupboard it is time to move it. Don't just throw it into a black bag or box rather cover it with plastic and use a proper hanging box. Then look at using a self storage unit to store it. It will save extra cupboard space and you will always have it if you need it. If you are not going to hang on to your wedding dress then look at donating it. Stor-Age Self Storage partners with It's Your Turn that provides dresses to those less privileged.

2. Say thank you to service providers - word of mouth goes a long way in wedding circles and a recommendation from a friend is often the tipping factor when deciding on which professional to use. Did you get great service from a photographer or caterer? Tell your friends and leave a complimentary message on their social media pages.

3. Now that you have two homes becoming one you may find you have a lot more furniture than your new home can take. You can keep furniture in a self storage unit for use later, to give to friends or to sell from.

Newlyweds self storage tips and hints

4. Duplicate wedding gifts can also be stored in a self storage unit. You won't need to keep three toasters and four coffee machines in your new home. Declutter your new living space by making use of a self storage unit. You can then sell, donate or re-gift the items from your self storage unit.

5. Have a man-cave. Getting married is normally the first time you are with your spouse 24/7. Heading down to the self storage unit to sort through the wedding gifts and stored furniture is an excellent excuse to take a break. In addition the self storage unit can become your new tinkering workshop or military toy model room. Your room away from home let's the man in your life make a mess without it being too much of a problem.

Have any other great tips for newlyweds? Let us know or get a quote for your new man-cave by giving us a call on 0861 18 18 18 or email Want to know what self storage looks like? Take a video tour here.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 10 September 2012 | Tips And Hints