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Oldest Trick In The Book - Use A Padlock On Your Self Storage Unit

Ever wondered what the best padlock to use on your self storage unit is? Brass padlocks, word locks, diskus padlocks, weather sealed or combination locks. There are so many to choose from, how do you best secure your home, work or self storage unit? If you are just finding out that there are a number of choices then it is best to read on.

First let it be said that your padlock should be the last line of defense in protecting your precious items. At a self storage facility there should be a number of security measures to contend with before a would-be perpetrator gets anywhere near thinking about breaking your lock. However it is important to choose the correct lock for your application, here are a few types of locks you can consider.

Padlock from 1800's made by Star Lock Works
Image from Restraintsblog

Brass padlock - a secure lock for home or business use, generally used indoors and on gates that protect pedestrian entrance. If you are looking for something to provide safety consider a different type of lock. Note the key can be removed and the padlock locked without the key in the chamber, thus you can lock yourself in or out.

Diskus padlock - a tougher lock, often with a hardened shackle, that can provide extra security. Key to this design is the tapered edges into the shackle, making it difficult for a bolt cutter to get a grip on the shackle and this more difficult to open. This padlock is normally designed so the key must be in the chamber to lock the padlock, safer if you are forgetful and could potentially lock yourself out.

Wordlock - these padlocks allow the user to set their own 'word' as a key to the padlock. The advantage is that you will never get to your self storage unit and realise you didn't bring a key. If you need someone to gain access simply tell them the word and you can change the password at a later stage. These locks have an edge over combination or 'number' locks in that it is far easier to remember a word than a string of numbers.

There are numerous other options when purchasing a padlock for your self storage unit. We found a few of the experts in this area, here are some links for your next padlock.

Remember that if you are renting from Stor-Age we also sell padlocks at our stores, so you won't need to go around hunting for your own. Check out our packaging section here to see what we offer.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 May 2012 | Tips And Hints