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Organising your Everything Drawer

We all have that one drawer in the house that you hide from guests. Yes, the dreaded everything drawer. Each house has at least one drawer that becomes a void for batteries, keys, toys, paper clips and string. Here's a few tips on how to keep that draw organised.

Organising your 'everything drawer'

  • Clean
    Empty the entire drawer and give it a good clean. Sort each item by categorising them and deciding where you would like to store them. If you find little trinkets that you can’t quite find a place for but don’t want to get rid of either, place it in a box with other items you are looking to clear out and store it in your storage unit.

  • Create a system 
    Try to create a system where each drawer has a purpose for the things that it stores. This helps us to avoid having a junk drawer entirely. It also means that we will be able to locate something quickly.

  • Choice placement 
    When deciding on the drawer’s purpose, think about where the drawer is located. If you have a drawer close to you entrance, think about using this to store your car keys and sunglasses so that it can be put here when you arrive home and picked up when you’re about to leave. Just make sure it doesn't become a new everything drawer!

  • Organisers  
    Measure your drawers and fit them out with drawer organisers. They’re usually plastic organiser trays that help you to create compartments for various items. You can then have a whole compartment for elastic bands and a separate one for paper clips.

  • Things to avoid Although its difficult, try to avoid using this drawer to stash actual junk. Try to sort pieces out as soon as you get them. Throw pieces of paper away and put items into their correct place. If you create spaces for these items it means that you won’t end up having a junk drawer.

Every home has a drawer that we neglect and forget about, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep areas in your home purposeful by storing items you don’t use every day in your storage unit.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 August 2020 | Tips And Hints