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Part 4 - The Process Of Moving All Your Questions Answered

Storage Options

OK, so your home/office is empty but your new place is not yet available, where do you put all this stuff? There are many storage solutions available to you, warehousing, containers, document storage and self storage. Here is the rundown of what you can expect from each storage option to help you make an informed decision.

Warehousing is often the solution provided by removals companies. However with this type of storage the actual product can still vary. Some removals companies simply pile your goods in an area and throw a net over it. Often the warehouse is full and different customers’ goods will be stacked so closely that you could end up with two fridges when you get your goods returned. This is not always great as you could also end up with no fridge! The solution for this is pod storage.

Essentially still stored in a warehouse, your goods are first packed into wooden crates, or, pods. This is a much safer way to store your goods but as with the net option there are pros and cons. With warehouse storage you cannot always access your goods when you need them. Forgot that you need the microwave or that you left your passport in the box you packed for storage? Well with this type of storage it is difficult to get that box back. Some warehousing solutions do not allow for this at all, while others will retrieve the pod for you but at a cost. However the largest irritation with this type of storage is that you will have to meticulously plan when you will go to the warehouse, so that they are ready with the lifting equipment to fetch your pod. Thus the convenience factor of popping in down the road and collecting your items is removed.

Another form of storage is containers. Some self storage companies often have containers on site that you can rent at a lower rate than the actual self storage unit. It is important to note a few things with this form of storage. Containers used for self storage are often no longer sea worthy, as a result your goods may get wet if it rains. Containers dimensions are often smaller than a similar priced self storage unit. No problem if you don’t need that much space, however you can always choose a smaller self storage unit. Lastly containers are prone to large temperature fluctuations. The sun may cause the container to get extremely hot inside and depending on what you have stored and how you have packed this may cause damage to your furniture. Often self storage units overcome this by insulating the buildings, often in the form of an alu-cushion in the lining of the roof to regulate the temperature somewhat. In addition the brick walls keep the unit cooler than the metal walls of a container.

Self storage is the only form of storage where the client has sole access to the goods stored. Essentially you lock and you keep the key. The benefit of this is that you can use your unit anytime you want to at no extra charge. So if you need to add items in your unit or fetch the beach umbrellas you can do so at your leisure. Most self storage facilities will also allow you to move to a smaller or larger unit so you only pay for the space you need. Another benefit of using modern self storage facilities is that you can store in a unit which is inside a building i.e. it has no exposure to the elements like a traditional self storage unit does. Essentially the older generation of self storage units is the same as your garage at home which is exposed to the elements and dust etc.

For a more tailored storage solution you may want to look at the document storage companies. For example Metrofile is a large document storage solution provider. Essentially Metrofile is an off-site information storage and retrieval system. The system is fully barcoded and there is controlled access to various levels of files. The costs for this type of self storage solution are quite varied. There is an initial take on charge as well as purchasing the boxes, about R20 a box plus R10 packing fee, plus R2 data entry per box. You will also need to be aware that you will pay for delivery and pickup (min R100). For Metrofile to keep these documents in storage, there is a minimum charge of R250p/m for 50 boxes.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 09 May 2011 | Tips And Hints