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Tips to make sure your pets are happy at home alone

With us spending so much more time at home over recent months, pets in households across South Africa have become used to having their human parents around a lot more.

As more and more businesses move to a ‘new normal’ and an increasing number of offices start to open up, so these pets have to become accustomed to how things were before lockdown.

In this blog post we share a few tips on how you can help make the adjustment easier for them.

Tips to make sure your pets are happy at home alone

  • Keep them entertained 

There is a good chance that while you are at work your furry friend will get bored. With boredom often comes destruction, so if you want to keep your couch intact then get them some toys to keep them entertained. If you’ve been storing some of their old toys in self storage for whatever reason, now is a good time to take them out!

  • Leave the house without them 

Don’t go from being with them all day to leaving them home alone all day. Start to leave them at home for longer periods if possible which you can gradually increase. This will help them to develop an understanding that even if you leave, you’ll be back.

  • A space just for them  

Many pets will retreat to a place that they find safe during times of anxiety. When you do go out, make sure they can access their favourite cushion, blanket or toy so that they have that sense of security. If they don’t have their own space, make one for them. This is a great opportunity to declutter and simplify your home.

    • Speak to the professionals

    Even if they have their own space and comfort items close by, they will still crave your presence during the day. Every pet is different, so speak to your vet or an animal behaviourist to see what actions you can take to make things easier.

    The new way of working could mean that working from home one or two days a week is the norm. This will hopefully make things easier for your pets if no-one else is home during the day.

    To help avoid having to keep buying new toys when your pet (especially dogs) get bored of them, a great solution is to swop them out every few months. Your self storage unit is the perfect space to store them without cluttering up your home.

    If you need secure self storage, give us a call on 0861 18 18 18 and a friendly member of the team will talk you through the option. We might not be able to give advice on animal behaviour, but we can certainly help you with the space you need to match your budget.

    Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 August 2020 | Tips And Hints