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Pirates Rugby Supported by Stor-Age

This weekend saw a mini tournament between Pirates Rugby Club based in Greenside and their visiting opponents Roodepoort. Stor-Age was at the event to provide some droëwors hand outs, free parking and a sponsorship of water bottles to Pirates. The water bottles were also filled with Energade to make sure the boys were able to give their all on the rugby field.

The sponsorship of Pirates Rugby Club is in line with Stor-Age's recent activity in sponsoring South African sports, including rugby, cricket, soccer as well as the school level sports to encourage sports development and grass roots participation in sports. Keeping the children of South Africa involved in sports is vital to their health and encourages great social friendships, something that is getting over looked more often in this technological age. You can check out a few more Stor-Age sponsorship stories by selecting the 'sponsorship' category on the left hand side. Some notables are:

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 June 2012 | Sponsorship