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Renovating your home?

Self storage can make it far less inconvenient

Renovating a home can be very disruptive. Having to move your furniture to accommodate a kitchen refurb, new tiling or even a simple paint job can add a lot of stress. Not only is the space no longer yours, but the dust can get into everything even if you turn to using every sheet in your house in an effort to cover things.

Often an extensive array of tools make their way into your space which can put some of your furniture at risk while the necessary jobs are being carried out. To protect household items and furniture, an increasing number of homeowners are turning to self storage during a renovation or DIY project.

Why self storage?

By using self storage during a renovation, you remove the risk of damaging your items and it gives the team carrying out the job the space to work more efficiently (which means a quicker job!). It also means you don’t have to move your furniture and other household items into every nook and cranny you can find.

If your refurb is only expected to take a few weeks then our self storage facilities are perfect as we offer flexible self storage leases where you can stay for as little as a month or as long as you need. You can also rest assured that your items are safe with us as our facilities are monitored by CCTV cameras and feature access-controlled gates. Only you have access to your self storage unit.

Perhaps you are hands-on and looking to tackle some of these projects yourself? Why clutter up your garage with your DIY tools and equipment when you can safely store them in your self storage unit. With Stor-Age, you can access your unit after hours should you feel the need to tinker before or after work. You can finally take your garage back and give your car a home again!

Here are a few other reasons why you should choose Stor-Age:

  • We offer over 40 different storage unit sizes, depending on your need
  • Our storage unit prices start from as little as R450 a month
  • We offer a same day move in service
  • Our conveniently located stores are guaranteed to be within five minutes of your door or you get your first month free

Why go through a stressful renovation when you can use self storage to make the process far more pleasant.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 05 April 2019 | Tips And Hints