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RIP Neil Armstong

Neil Armstrong was the first man to visit space and walk on the moon. RIP Neil Armstrong. He will forever hold a special space in our hearts as a pioneer for the entire human race and for evoking emotions of courage and bravery. Now he will have his own little space that many will be able to visit and pay their respects to a very popular gentleman. All though the loss of this great man is to be mourned we hope he will be remembered fondly and with a smile on our faces.

Astronaut in space

At some stage in your life, you'll probably need self storage space for some of your belongings. The moon undoubtedly has plenty of space but will not be as practical or convenient as a self storage unit. The security of your goods on the moon would also be excellent and although many self storage facilities strive to ensure your goods are secure many would struggle to meet those high standards. However popping in to fetch an item you need for the weekend may be a little more arduous.

Here are a few other recent items to keep a smile on your face when thinking of the great, late Neil Armstrong.

This year we have already lost Michael Jackson and now Neil Armstrong, we are quickly running out of moonwalkers!

Take a look at this cartoon from The Telegraph.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 27 August 2012 | News And Events