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Safely Store Those Valuables

Whether you are moving home, redecorating, rebuilding or simply trying to maximise your current living space, you might be worried about some of your more valuable possessions.

Everyone has sentimental and/or valuable items that simply cannot be replaced. There is no way to replace these items if they are broken or damaged, so you need to find a better solution than handing them over to the moving company and hoping for the best.

The best option you can choose is self storage. Only you can access your unit and you can decide how you want to pack it. Use bubblewrap and foam chips to wrap up those valuable items and store them within drawers or cupboards within your storage unit. Self storage is a great place to safely keep your possessions until you are ready to keep them in your home again.



You can also go one step further for those special items that need a little extra security. Our City Vault store provides high security lockers with biometric fingerprint access. These lockers are ideal for valuable items that you want to lock away safely, such as sensitive documents or that family heirloom you are worried will get damaged. Find out more.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 31 August 2010 |