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The secret to safely storing your outdoor gear

Are you an adventure-fanatic struggling to find space to store your ever-accumulating gear? The Secret Adventurer, a tour guide and adventurer, is well-versed in the struggle of finding a safe space to stash a growing collection of equipment.

We sat down with Henk Brand, owner of The Secret Adventurer and one of our of our long-standing customers, to chat about how he manages to safely store his gear when he is not out braving the elements.

The growing collection of gear

Henk’s growing collection has helped him enjoy countless adventures. Some of his favourite memories include embarking on a solo summit of Mount Fuji in Japan (and then running down within four hours) and trekking to Everest Base Camp. 

When asked how he manages to resist the urge to buy all of the latest gear and gadgets, Henk responded, “It's impossible. Every adventurer needs the latest gear and tech! My gear collection grows every month!”

While Henk treasures memories from all over the world, he fondly refers to South Africa, and more specifically Cape Town, as the home for adventure. He comments, “It offers a full adventure playground for all types of outdoor junkie enthusiasts. From hiking in the mountains and skateboarding in the streets, to exploring secluded beaches for new secret waves, Cape Town offers it all and is the perfect destination for adventure seekers.

When adventure creeps into the home

As it goes in most scenarios, space in Henk’s home was slowly being taken up by equipment. He considered the option of selling his belongings and renting gear when needed, but decided that this would create more problems in the future if he needed items last minute and couldn’t find availability. As an alternative to selling his prized outdoor gear he discovered self storage, which changed his entire outlook on space.

“I now have a large storage unit at Stor-Age and with careful, strategic packing it makes life so much easier! Everything is well-packed in boxes for my events and the sport equipment is on the other side for easy access and storage in between drops and pick-ups. Self storage has made me a less stressed adventurer! I save time, effort and money in between my adventures and events.’’ 

As an adventure-seeker, Henk finds peace in the fact that his valuable and specialised equipment is kept in quality self storage units. “The units are easily accessible and the secure self storage unit in Gardens gives me peace of mind that my stuff is well looked after for when I need them.’’

If you find that your cupboards are filled with camping gear and your drawers packed with thermal clothing, self storage could be the solution for you to claim back your home. Call us on 0861 18 18 18 and chat to our friendly staff about how we can best meet your needs. Alternatively, you can get a quick and easy online storage quote.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 March 2019 | Adventure|Tips And Hints