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Self Storage Mistake #1: Don't Pay For Space You Don't Need

Too many people make the mistake of thinking they need a self storage unit the size of a single garage to store their stuff. The truth is that a space that size will store a three or four bedroom home, depending on the furniture you have. If you only need to store a few boxes, sports equipment, tax records, office files or extra items cluttering your home and garage, then you only need to rent the space you need.

Save your money for something else and rent a self storage unit that suits your requirements. Many self storage companies have only one or two unit sizes but Stor-Age self storage has a multitude, ranging from a one cubic metre min vault to our self warehousing option where you pick the size you need. Check out our space estimator here to get a good idea of what size unit will meet your requirements.

You can always give our professionally trained and helpful staff a call (0861 18 18 18) and they will recommend the best unit size for you, or email us ( with your inventory and we will let you know what space is best for you.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 May 2012 | Tips And Hints