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Self Storage Unit 13 on Friday 13th

Happy Friday 13th, well at least that is what we hope you have today. Check out these fun facts about self storage unit 13 at our branches nationwide!

Self Storage Unit 13, Fun Facts
  • Stor-Age's Midrand self storage location has eleven units labelled 13 and all of them have tenants
  • Every Stor-Age branch currently has unit 13 occupied by a tenant
  • Stor-Age's Edgemead self storage unit 13 has only ever been rented by one tenant... and he is still renting
  • No tenant has ever been a debtor in unit 13
  • The average length of stay in our self storage unit 13 is longer than any other self storage unit

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 13 April 2012 | Take A Break