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Tips to decluttering your home

For many, decluttering your physical environment is a great way to declutter your mind. It makes sense when you consider that it can be mentally exhausting being in an unorganised and busy space, especially when it comes to your home.
When it comes to decluttering your home, you are usually left with three options. You can safely store the items you are not using at the moment, you can donate them or you can sell the items you have outgrown or simply no longer have a use for. If you are going to sell them, here are some handy tips to do so safely.

There are different ways to sell your stuff online. Whether you choose to sell through Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or Bidorbuy, there are a few things you should take note of which will help to make your items sell like hotcakes. 

Take good photographs

A picture is worth a thousand words so make sure that you take great photographs of the item that you want to sell. Include the whole item in the shot, avoid clutter from getting in the frame and try to get different angles. This is one trick that will set you apart from others selling the same item and make sure that you are advertising the product effectively. If it is dusty or dirty, make sure you clean it first!

Be detailed in the description

Items come in different models, sizes and colours. Try to be as detailed as you can in the product description to make sure that the potential buyer knows exactly what you are selling. This will avoid a lot of back-and-forth and disappointment in the long run. 

Don’t lie about the product’s condition

If your item has a small stain or broken element, make sure that you disclaim this detail. Being honest about the condition of the item is important for fair trade and to make sure that there are no returns or bad feedback. 

Prepare for negotiations

When you set the price of your product, be aware that people will try to haggle the price down. You can either choose to meet them half-way through a bargaining exercise or you can set your asking price slightly higher, knowing that people will offer less. Just don’t scare them off with a cost that is far too high.

Be aware of scams

Make sure that you take precautions before meeting with buyers for the exchange. Try to arrange a meeting in a public place and away from your home. Online sales are a popular way for scam artists to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. Always make sure that the money reflects in your account or that the cash is real before handing over your item. 

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 19 January 2021 | Tips And Hints