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Six Bad Cricket Puns For The Start Of The World Cup

We know it's Friday, it's Friday the thirteenth. It's the middle of the month, you want to unclutter your mind and take some time to relax. With the cricket world cup set to kick-off tomorrow we thought you could procrastinate from work and have a small chuckle at our six bad self storage cricket puns. Yes we are aware of the irony in having six of them.

  1. Straight off the bat, you won’t catch us fielding any puns. I won’t slip in any silly points even if they are keepers because I have boundaries.
  2. Clean up the house by putting all the clutter into self storage and then you can get your maiden over. Surely that will impress here more than a dirty home.
  3. Stumped on what size unit you may need? Use our handy self storage space estimator. Did you know that a three bedroom home should fit into a 3m x 5m (15m2) self storage unit?
  4. Hit your self storage costs for a six by getting your first month rental for only R1. We didn't miss any zeroes there, that's R1 for your first month's storage space. Check out the offer featured on 2oceansvibe.
  5. Looking for cover? Try our self storage packing, where you will find mattress covers to protect your goods while they are in storage. We also sell boxes, cello tape and bubble wrap. Everything you should need for a safe move.

If you need a little extra space you can do a quick Googly for "Stor-Age". We should have a branch near you. Isn't that convenient?

    Do you have a better pun? Chip in with your pun in the comments section. During the tea break have a look at this amazing run of cricket puns.

    Howzat for some bad cricket puns?

    Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 13 February 2015 | Take A Break