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Size Matters... Even In Self Storage

Too many people think they have to rent a full garage space (incidentally a dirty word for those in the self storage industry) when they need storage. Not so, at Stor-Age you can choose a unit size ranging from one cubic metre up to 40 square metres. You can even create your own unit size with our self warehousing option at selected branches. Everyone has a unique need and we aim to meet this need by providing exactly the space you require. There is no need to pay for the space you won't use.

So what exactly can you put in a one cubic metre unit? Valuable documents, musical instruments, family heirlooms and even anniversary or birthday presents. Storing gifts is one of the many benefits of a self storage locker, for when the top of the cupboard or under the mattress will just not do. Did you know we even have biometric fingerprint access? The vault rooms are also fire proof rooms – CO2 suppression devices ensure peace of mind.

Fingerprint access vaults at Stor-Age Self Storage

The larger self warehousing units are ideal for growing businesses. They can store slow moving stock items that you need to access only a few times a month or a short term storage solution for early stock arrivals, the benefits of self warehousing will ensure that you are able to access additional space whilst not over committing to long term leases. Self warehousing is a great tool in managing your businesses expenses as and when you require space and as your warehousing needs change on a month-to-month basis. As an added bonus we also provide access controlled entry for multiple staff members and reports can be provided for access dates and times.

It seems then, that size does indeed matter. What size are you? Check out our handy self storage space estimator.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 08 November 2013 | Tips And Hints