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Tips to organise your linen cupboard

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” is quite appropriate for the linen cupboard. The contents are only really seen once a week, but while you may not open it each and every day, it can seem like quite the chore to get it in order. These six tips will help you to get your lined cupboard organised!

Line your shelves

Lining your shelves with a basic vinyl liner can make a big difference in looking after your sheets, towels and bedding. Certain wood and melamine shelves can make your linen fade or discolour over time and a liner can prevent this from happening.

Categorise your items

There is little as frustrating as trying to piece together scattered linen. Do yourself a favour and categorise your linen cupboard by keeping all towels together, all single-bed sheets in the same place, etc. Another top tip is to store neatly folded sheets inside the pillowcase that they belong with!

Use labels

The linen cupboard can be a very overwhelming space, with lots of material that looks the same. Once you’ve categorised your items, take a few extra minutes to label your shelves. This will help you determine queen-size sheets and single-bed duvets at a glance. 

Compartmentalise with boxes and baskets

Some people choose to neatly fold their linen and stack everything on top of one another. Using boxes and baskets to group certain items within the linen cupboard is another great way to group certain items together and avoid a cluttered mess. 

Add a freshener

Little feels as comforting as climbing into a bed made up of fresh, clean linen after a long day of work. Adding packets of linen freshener between your sheets in the linen cupboard makes this experience even snugger.

Declutter and purge

While organising your linen cupboard, you may come across lone sheets, towels full of holes and stained pillowcases. Use this opportunity to declutter and get rid of linen that you no longer use. You may find that some linen takes up a lot of valuable space, but that you don’t want to get rid of it. In this instance, self storage could be a useful alternative. 

At Stor-Age, we have conveniently located storage units across the country, offering a safe and secure space for your items. If you’re looking for clean and accessible space to use as an extension of your home, then call us at 0861 18 18 18 or get a quick quote online.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 23 February 2021 | Tips And Hints