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Spread Joy With Santa Shoebox And Stor-Age

The Santa Shoebox Project is in full swing and thousands of South Africans are pledging boxes to bring joy to underprivileged children around the country. The project encourages members of the public to pledge a shoebox for a specifically named child and fill a shoe box with a list of toys and essential items. These custom boxes are then distributed to pre-determined locations and given to the specific children that the pledgers had selected. The Santa Shoe box Project is the perfect opportunity for members of the public to share the joy of Christmas with children who otherwise would not be able to.

The Santa Shoebox Project have partnered with Stor-Age for the fifth consecutive year and once again there are free shoeboxes available at all 34 Stor-Age branches all over the country. If you have pledged a Santa Shoebox and are struggling to find a box to use, Stor-Age is the place to go. Not only will you receive a free Santa Shoebox to start filling, but a complimentary month’s self storage voucher to use at any facility nationwide. Stor-Age are open for box collection from 8AM until 5PM every day of the week and from 9AM until 12PM on Saturdays.

Once you have collected your box and have finished decorating it and filling it with all the items that are going to put the biggest smile on your chosen child’s face you’ll need to take it to a Santa Shoebox Drop Off point. These take place on specific days at specific venues within cities across South Africa. If you cannot make it down to your local drop off on the specific day, do not worry, Stor-Age are acting as drop off points for completed boxes too. All you have to do is drop off your box at any Stor-Age store and it will be taken to its drop off point on the correct day by the Stor-Age vans.

If you haven’t pledged yet, now is the perfect time. Cape Town is in urgent need of boxes for the target pledges to be met. All information for pledging and for what items your box needs can be found on the Santa Shoebox website. Once you have pledged, visit the Stor-Age website and find your nearest store, and visit to to collect your box on your way to buy your items for your box. Stop over at the store on your way back, pack up your box in our business centre and drop it off. Stor-Age will make sure it gets to the CTICC on drop off day and to your chosen child.

Keep up to date with news about Santa Shoebox news via Stor-Age social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get pledging and make a difference today!

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 21 October 2016 | Sponsorship