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Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here and with it the sunshine that all South Africans have been waiting for. Spring also means the annual clean up of our homes. If you are one of those looking to declutter your living space then here are a few tips from us to get you started.

Select those unwanted and unused items at home and sell them or donate to charity. The extra cash will be great and there is nothing like the feeling of helping others to get a great start to your spring clean up.

spring cleaning tips

Pack your old winter clothes in boxes and keep them in storage. This will save space at home and they will be kept safely for next year. A common mistake is to try and stuff all those old winter jerseys into a black bag. This will result in crumpled and damaged clothing when you need them next winter. Instead use a box and keep it in your storage unit.

Hire a steam cleaner. Those carpets have taken a beating through the winter and your vacuum cleaner will not get everything. Most grocery stores have a service where you can hire a steam cleaner to really get those carpets looking great.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 September 2010 |