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Start 2017 With A Donation To It's Your Turn

2017 Will be the fifth year that It's Your Turn and Stor-Age combine to give you a great opportunity in seamlessly serving your community.

Grumpy or Glorious?
Are you back at the office for the first time today after a glorious vacation break? Perhaps you traveled to the coast, or even overseas. From social media timelines, it seems there is also a fair chance you stayed at home and wallowed in the self-pity of a terrible year. Fun or folly in 2016, you now have a clean slate and a glorious opportunity of a brand new year to do with as you please.

Donated dressed from It's Your Turn partnering with Stor-Age
Another happy customer for It's Your Turn displays her new dress.

Lighten the Load
In this regard, here are some suggestions to make 2017 lighter than ever before. Our experience in the donating game has shown us one thing for certain. The generosity of unburdening yourself, and your family, of the extra clothes in your cupboards at home, literally makes you feel lighter. It’s one of those things, which is only really able to be experienced in person, and we highly recommend you try it. Be ruthless and don’t over think any item. Pop it in a bag and drop it off at Claremont, Tokai, or Gardens branches of Stor-Age and feel the weight being lifted.

Modern Efficiency
What we do with your donation: It’s Your Turn have a much more appropriate and efficient way of making use of your donations than outdated processes of random redistribution. Here’s the process:

  • You Donate by dropping off at Stor-Age
  • We stock pile at Stor-Age and then move to townships
  • We sell the items for extremely low amounts via our containers, as well as donate packages of clothing to those with specific needs
  • The selling structure gives your clothing a new life (great for environment) and provides jobs for those in the townships
  • Money raised from selling is used to purchase and donate what is REALLY needed - school shoes, uniforms, and blankets in winter

It's Your Turn to donate and store at Stor-Age
It's Your Turn makes use of Stor-Age as collection and storage points around Cape Town.

This is a very efficient way of turning your donations into an even more worthwhile item than the donation item itself. Let all your friends know…and now It’s Your Turn.

Happy 2017
Ryan Scott – Director IYT

Ps: We also have an on going dance dress specific activation to get your unused dresses to girls dreaming of dance dress delights in 2017.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 09 January 2017 | Charity