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Five tips to starting a small business and Local Business Spotlight 

Working from home has given many people a taste of what it’s like working for yourself. This may inspire budding entrepreneurs to pursue their dream of starting a small business. If you’re one of these aspiring businesspeople, then here are five tips to keep in the front of your mind.

  1. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and work on any areas in which you can improve

  2. Create a simple business plan that can grow as the business develops

  3. Outline your target customers and where they fit in the existing market

  4. Calculate your costs and budget

  5. Ask for help when needed in different areas such as legal, advertising, social media, and finding suppliers

Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey! 

This week, we featured three local businesses that started small and grew to success. See who we profiled below.

Clothes to Good

Monday’s post shone the light on a social enterprise that empowers people living in poverty and with disabilities by providing sustainable work and creating micro-businesses through recycling clothes and goods.

The start of their story is heartwarming. Jesse, Founder of Clothes to Good, donated his golf shoes to his caddy and then set him up in a microbusiness. This project managed to raise four tons of school clothes. It’s amazing what can be achieved when given the opportunity! Find out more about Clothes to Good on their Instagram page and website.


When it comes to relocating to a new country, it’s not only a stressful experience for your family but for your pets as well. In Wednesday’s  business feature we shone the light on a unique company called AeroPets, who specialise in international pet travel and transport, having relocated more than 32 500 pets to over 100 countries.

The team is professional and caring, making sure that your pets have a first-class experience during the relocation process. Find out more about their work on their Instagram page and website.

LGLT Working at Heights Solutions

Friday’s Local Business Spotlight constantly strives to reach new heights - literally. The team at LGLT Working at Heights Solutions offer a variety of services and products to help with construction and development. From scaffolding rental and ladder sales to consulting and training, their systems meet the highest level of quality and safety. 

Find out more about LGLT Working at Height Solutions and how their safe and cost-effective solutions can help you on their website

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 26 February 2021 | SME|Tips And Hints