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Stor-Age Donates To Childrens Hospital Trust

A donation of R5,000 was recently made to the Children's Hospital Trust by Stor-Age Self Storage. We ran a promotion where each person that clicked "like" on Facebook would make a contribution to the donation by Stor-Age. Unfortunately we did not receive the response we were looking for, however the donation was made and Robbie Cameron visited the office's to do the handover.

"I had visited the hospital before and in fact I was once a patient at this hospital," noted Cameron. He also stated, "I had the pleasure of visiting the children a few months ago and was so encouraged by the helpful and friendly staff, as well as the fortitude that the kids showed through their difficulties. It was quite inspiring to see how all the children could still put a big smile on despite their issues and this must be a testimony to the magnificent doctors and nurses that work here."

To help donate or perhaps plan an inspiring visit you can get contact details from the Children's Hospital Trust Facebook page.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 05 March 2012 | Charity