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Stor-Age Hits Target With Golf GTI "Kick Off"

On the 1st and 2nd February at the popular rugby tournament Cape Town Tens, Stor-Age, SA’s number one self storage company, ran an exciting “kick off” promotion to win a brand new Golf GTI.  The competition ran for the second year in a row following the hype around last year’s winning kick by Doug Mallet, former Springbok coach Nick Mallet’s son.

Stor-Age Self Storage Golf GTI

This year the Stor-Age team collected 1,200 entries.  Six individuals were chosen to participate by kicking a rugby ball at a Stor-Age box on the field.  Of these, the three closest to the Stor-Age target went through to the final round where they each had one shot at hitting the rugby poles and winning the coveted Golf GTI.

One of the Stor-Age #GTIkickoff finalists kicks for the GTI

As lady luck would have it, all three attempts missed the mark and the car remained unclaimed. However in a draw between the three finalists, the incredible second prize of a Big Boy Scooter was awarded to Patrick Dieroff.

Patrick Dieroff on his new Stor-Age Self Storage scooter

“Although no one won the car this year, the promotion was a huge success for Stor-Age”, said Chris Oosthuizen, Marketing Manager at Stor-Age. “It was great to see the hype around the competition, and to know that individuals have been practicing their kicks for weeks. More importantly, it was exciting to see an increase in the awareness of the Stor-Age brand itself and the concept of ‘self storage’.  We thank our partners Etana for making the competition possible and congratulate Patrick on winning the Big Boy Scooter.”

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 08 February 2013 | News And Events